22 Nov

Notes to contributors

In general, articles should be no longer than 9000-10.000 words.

Include a short abstract up to 200 words, as well as five to seven keywords. All articles should be in Arial, 14 point and double-spaced (Arial 10 point and single-spaced for footnotes)

The journal uses an author/date/page system in footnotes (with fuller references in bibliographies). Footnotes should be used both to cite sources and to make any brief comments not deemed appropriate for the main text.

A bibliography should be placed at the end of the text containing all sources cited in alphabetical and chronological order. Book titles are to be italicised; article titles from journals or edited volumes should be placed in ‘single quotation marks’, while the journal/volume from which it is taken should be listed in italics.


Badiou 1977, p. 39

Badiou, Alain 1977, ‘Le Flux et le parti (dans les marges de L’Anti-Oedipe)’, inLa situation actuelle sur le front de la philosophie,Paris: Maspero.

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Book Reviews:

Within a book review, page references for the book or books being reviewed should not be in footnotes, but should be in brackets within the main body of the text after any quotations. The full publication details should be listed at the beginning of the review, with the format title/author/place: publisher, year. Reviews should be no longer than 3000 words.