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31 Aug

Crisis and Critique

Volume 9 / Issue 2, 31-8-2021

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: The Present of Poetry Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Poets of the World Unite - with Philosophers, Against the Capitalist State

by Ali Alizadeh PDF

Ransom! Baudelaire and Distributive Injustice

by Emily Apter PDF

Rimbaud, Mandelstam, Pasolini. Or: When the Red Flag Must Become Lint Again

by Judith Balso PDF

The Poetry that Presents Itself

by Philippe Beck PDF

Poetic Image Now

by Victoria Bergstrom PDF

Césaire’s Claim: On the Retroactive Genesis of Free Verse

by Nathan Brown PDF

Poetry in Superposition: An Essay-Poem in Quantum Poetics

by Amy Catanzano PDF

Propositions on the Philosophical Nature of Poetry

by Alessandro De Francesco PDF

A Poem’s Gap

by Alex Garcia Düttmann and Juan Manuel Garrido PDF

The New Muses: The Poetic Vector of Civilization

by Mikhail Epstein PDF

In Praise of Bog

by Andrea Gadberry PDF

“down-to-earth (o very earthy) magic”: Nature, Objectivity and Folk Speech in Lorine Niedecker and Theodor W. Adorno

by Daniel Hartley PDF

Out of Control: Yeats & Frayn

by Carol Jacobs PDF

From Passion for the Real to Passion for Knowledge

by Jela Krecic PDF

Poetry Strikes Back

by Jean-Jacques Lecercle PDF

Badiou’s Own Mallarmé

by Pierre Macherey PDF

The Poet on Strike Against Society

by Jean-Claude Milner PDF

Lorna Dee Cervantes and the Art of Refugeeship

by Warren Montag PDF

Beyond All That Fiddle? Poetry and Poetics ‘After Theory’

by Christopher Norris PDF

Time is a Word in Celan

by Paul North PDF

China, Workers and Poetry in (post)Communism

by Claudia Pozzana PDF

Poetry: From the Heart or From Blood?

by Jean-Michel Rabate PDF

The Problem of Love and Distance in Anne Carson

by Rafael Saldanha PDF

Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson: Poetry is for Thought, Novels for Stories

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Interview with Heather H. Yeung: Entlassen. Thinking with Poetry

by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF


Can You Read me?

by Reem Abbas PDF

Interglacial (Poems 2015-2021)

by Pierre Joris PDF

Apocalypse Waltz

by Philip Metres PDF


by Heather H. Yeung PDF

Notes on Contributors


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13 Dec

Crisis and Critique

Volume 8 / Issue 2, 13-12-2021

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: Hegel and the Philosophy of Right after 200 years Agon Hamza and Frank Ruda PDF

Table of Contents

The Right of the Body: Hegel on Corporeity and Law

by Stefania Achella PDF

Conceptual Thought as Critique: Remarks on Hegel and Marx

by Andreas Arndt PDF

Why Read Hegel Now?

by Judith Butler PDF

“Beyond the Sphere of All Manufactured Things”: Reflections on Hegel’s Idea of the State

by Peter E. Gordon PDF

From the Split Between Society and Nature Towards a Concept of Socio-Natural Ropes

by Oliver Feltham PDF

The Actualization of Freedom

by Ethan Foore PDF

The Right to Implication

by Andrew Haas PDF

Capitalism’s Implants: A Hegelian Theory of Failed Revolutions

by Adrian Johnston PDF

Science of Spirit

by Kojin Karatani PDF

Hegel’s Double Anthropology: Anthropological Dimensions of the Theory of Sittlichkeit

by Jean-François Kervégan PDF

Keine Frau muss müssen? Hegel in the Time of MeToo

by Zdravko Kobe PDF

The State of Capital: Hegel’s Critique of Bourgeois Society

by Todd McGowan PDF

The Philosophy of Right/ Hegel at 250

by Jean Luc Nancy PDF

The Rabble and Its Constitution

by Emmanuel Nakamura PDF

Hegel's Project of Comprehending Social Life

by Frederick Neuhouser PDF

Changing the World of Spirit in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

by Angelica Nuzzo PDF

Should Hegelian Political Philosophy Jettison the Absolute? Hegel’s Political Philosophy Two-hundred Years Later

by Terry Pinkard PDF

The Right and Wrongs of the Universal – Reading Notes on Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

by Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuhback PDF

Marx’s Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

by Christoph Schuringa PDF

A “Transformative” Reading of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right?

by Ludwig Siep PDF

Right and Duty in Hegel – Restrictions of Freedom?

by Klaus Vieweg PDF

Hegelian History Interrupted

by Rocío Zambrana PDF

A Short Note on Hegel and the Exemplum of Christ

by Slavoj Žižek PDF

Interview with Robert Pippin: The Actuality of Hegel

by Catherine Malabou PDF

Interview with Catherine Malabou: New Directions in Hegelianism

by Robert Pippin PDF

Notes on Contributors PDF

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9 Jul

Crisis and Critique

Volume 8 / Issue 1, 9-8-2021

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: Spinoza Today Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Nothing Matters: Skepticism, Spinoza, and Contemporary French Thought

by Jeffrey A. Bell PDF

Theologico-political power: Spinoza against Schmitt

by Marilena Chaui PDF

The Politics of Indignation: a Spinozist Perspective

by Miguel de Beistegui PDF

Perseverance, Power, and Eternity: Purely Positive Essence and Spinoza’s Naturalism

by Michael Della Rocca PDF

Imaginary projections. Spinoza, between Borges, Perón and Freud

by Mariana Gainza PDF

Spinoza’s Rationalist Materialism: A Contribution to the Critique of Contemporary Naturalism

by Pascale Gillot PDF

Thinking social mobility with Spinoza

by Chantal Jaquet PDF

“Sed de his satis”: Spinoza’s Famous Last Words

by Gregg Lambert PDF

Hegel or Spinoza: Return to a Journey

by Pierre Macherey PDF

Spinoza, Althusser, and the Question of Humanism

by Yitzhak Melamed PDF

Spinoza and the Materialism of the Letter

by Warren Montag PDF

Is it right to revolt? Spinoza, the multitude and insurrection

by Pierre-Francois Moreau PDF

‘Different Times are Not Simultaneous, but Successive’: Spinoza between Jacobi and Herder

by Vittorio Morfino PDF

The Specter of Spinozism: Malebranche, Arnauld

by Steven Nadler PDF

Spinoza, a Democrat or a Republican?

by Charles Ramond PDF

Preemptive Strikes (of a philosophical variety): Marx and Spinoza

by Jason Read PDF

Towards a Revolutionary Science

by Natalia Romé PDF

Ultimate Grounds, Political Power, Philosophical Intervention: Inheriting the Tractatus theologico-politicus

by Martin Saar PDF

“I dare not mutter a word”: Speech and Political Violence in Spinoza

by Hasana Sharp PDF

Un homme ivre d’immanence: Deleuze’s Spinoza and Immanence

by Jack Stetter PDF

Reading the Hebrew Bible with Canaanite Eyes: Spinoza on Land, Migration, and Conquest

by Ted Stolze PDF

On Damaged and Regenerating Life: Spinoza and Mentalities of Climate Catastrophe

by Dan Taylor PDF

A hedonist (and materialist) Spinoza. A cross-reading

by Maria Turchetto PDF

The Invention of Nihilism: Political Monism, Epicureanism, and Spinoza

by Dimitris Vardoulakis PDF

Spinoza and the Paradox of Constitutionalism

by Miguel Vatter PDF

On Desire: Spinoza in Anti-Oedipus

by Daniela Voss PDF

Configuring the scene of subjectivity, once again, and with Spinoza

by Caroline Williams PDF

POEM: Spinoza

by Christopher Norris PDF

Interview with Pierre Macherey, Spinoza Today

by Agon Hamza and Frank Ruda PDF

Notes on ContributorsPDF

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24 NOV

Crisis and Critique

2020 - The Year of the Virus. SARS 2 / COVID 19

Volume 7 / Issue 3, 24-11-2020

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: 2020 – The Year of the Virus. SARS 2 / COVID 19 Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Living, Learning, Imagining in the Middle of the Crisis

by Étienne Balibar PDF

Security and Solidarity

by Andrea Cavalletti PDF

Morbus Anglicus; or, Pandemic, Panic, Pandaemonium

by Justin Clemens PDF

The Accomplice

by Alexander García Düttmann PDF

The Twofold Face of Immunity

by Roberto Esposito PDF

"Changing Life? Fortunes and Misfortunes of "Biopolitics" in the Age of Covid-19"

by Isabelle Garo PDF

The Interest of Breathing: Towards a Theory of Ecological Interest Formation

by Bue Rübner Hansen PDF

Art and True state of Emergency

by Wang Hui PDF

The Middle-Class Leviathan: Corona, the “Fascism” Blackmail, and the Defeat of the Working Class

by Elena Louisa Lange and Joshua Pickett-Depaolis PDF

The State in Times of Coronavirus: The pendulum of the "Illusory Community"

by Álvaro García Linera PDF

XV Theses on the Ecological Crisis and the Pandemia

by Michael Löwy PDF

Gas and Blas(t)

by Artemy Magun & Michael Marder PDF

Contagion: State of Exception or Erotic Excess? Agamben, Nancy, and Bataille

by Catherine Malabou PDF

The Mask of Universality: Politics in the Pandemic Response

by Todd McGowan PDF

Acceptable Deaths: Killing and Letting Die in the Covid-19 Conjuncture

by Warren Montag PDF

Still Too Human

by Jean-Luc Nancy PDF

Covid, Crisis, and the Materialist Critique of Value

by Nick Nesbitt PDF

Pandemic Economics

by Michael Roberts PDF

Excerpt from: The Ministry for the Future

by Kim Stanley Robinson PDF

The Normalization of Barbarism

by Natalia Romé PDF

Beyond the Necropolitics Principle: Suicidal State and Authoritarian Neoliberalism

by Vladimir Safatle PDF

Viral Encounter: Experiences, Lessons, and Options

by Göran Therborn PDF

Last Resorts: Jottings on the Pandemic State

by Alberto Toscano PDF

Contribution to the Critique of Political Organization: Outline of An Ongoing Research Project

by Gabriel Tupinambá et al PDF

Pandemonium Education – or a Teacher’s Manifesto Against “Social Distancing

by Raquel Varela & Roberto della Santa PDF

Homo Pandemicus: COVID ideology and panic consumption

by Fabio Vighi PDF

Covid is the New Orange…

by Sophie Wahnich PDF

Get Used to the Virus (and Forest Fires, and…)? No, Thanks!

by Slavoj Žižek PDF

Interview with Mladen Dolar: Dialectic at a Standstill? Hegel at the Times of COVID

by Agon Hamza and Frank Ruda PDF

Notes on ContributorsPDF

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22 Jul

Crisis and Critique


Volume 7 / Issue 2, 22-07-2020

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: Cinema Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

“Who Do We Shoot?”: Capitalism and the Problem of Its Image

by Pietro Bianchi PDF

After Finitude It’s a Wonderful Life

by Rex Butler PDF

The Documentary Form and Lacan’s Four Discourses

by David Denny PDF

Defending Representation; or, Thinking the Paradox to the Limit

by Matthew Flisfeder PDF

“Repeating the Square: From Satisfaction to Jouissance”

by Jennifer Friedlander PDF

A Hand for Hitchcock

by Tom Gunning PDF

The End of Cinema as We Used to Know It: Or How a Medium Turned From a Promising Graduate Into an Old Folk

by Petra Kettl & Robert Pfaller PDF

In Defense of Happy Endings, or, Where Lies the Trap of Never-Ending Stories

by Jela Krečič PDF

Parasite and the Parallax of Social Relations Under Capitalism

by Sheila Kunkle PDF

Industry of Boredom: On the Discord between Cinematic Telos and Ethos

by Michael Kurtov PDF

Anger, grief, and dark humour: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri as an ‘emotional hybrid’

by Tarja Laine PDF

The Object of Silent Cinema

by Todd McGowan PDF

Bacurau — on blood, maps and museums

by Patrícia Mourão de Andrade PDF

Animal filmicum: Notes on Some Scenes from Béla Tarr

by Peter Szendy PDF

Preston Sturges and The End of Laughter

by Alenka Zupančič PDF

Interview with Sophie Fiennes, Risk is the Holy Grail We Need to Hold Onto

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Interview with Todd McGowan: Politics of Moviegoing

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Notes on ContributorsPDF

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13 Jan

Crisis and Critique

The Future of Europe

Volume 7 / Issue 1, 13-01-2020

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: The Future of Europe Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Seven Propositions Concerning Internationalism

by Judith Balso PDF

Le Dernier Metro. Europe on the Edge of the Abyss

by Riccardo Bellofiore & Francesco Garibaldo PDF

Europe at Weimar

by Franco “Bifo” Berardi PDF

Europe After Eurocentrism?

by Chiara Bottici & Benoit Challand PDF

Empire of Graveyards

by Joshua Clover PDF

Arriving on the Continent that Needs to be Named Again

by Oliver Feltham PDF

Is a European People Possible?

by Frédéric Lordon PDF

The Achrontic Function of Philosophy and Europe

by Vittorio Morfino PDF

Brexit Britain and Europe

by Michael Roberts PDF

Europe Endless: Crisis, Spirit and the End of Europe

by Benjamin Noys PDF

Is it Possible to Think Europe Beyond Capitalism?

by Alessandro Russo PDF

An Alliance of War and Peace: Europe and the Necessity of Diplomacy

by Alexander Stagnell PDF

The International State System after Neoliberalism: Europe between National Democracy and
Supranational Centralization

by Wolfgang Streeck PDF

Race, Class, Tragedy. Nietzsche and the Fantasies of Europe

by Alberto Toscano PDF

Confronting Europe’s Failure

by Sophie Wahnich PDF

Which Idea of Europe is Worth Defending?

by Slavoj Žižek PDF

Interview with Albin Kurti: The Problem of Europe Today Are Its Small Ambitions

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Notes on ContributorsPDF

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02 April

Crisis and Critique

Lacan: Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Politics

Volume 6, issue 1, 02-04-2019

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: Lacan: Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Politics, Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

On Psychoanalysis and Freedom: Lacan vs. Heidegger

by Richard Boothby PDF

The Trojan Castle: Lacan and Kafka on Knowledge, Enjoyment, and the Big Other

by Lorenzo Chiesa PDF

Sophist's Choice

by Mladen Dolar PDF

The Forgetfulness of Ontology and the Metaphysical Tendencies of Contemporary Lacanism

by Christian Ingo Lenz Dunker PDF

The Argentinean Exception Proves the Rule

by Patricia Gherovici PDF

The Logic of Lacan’s Not-All

by Dominiek Hoens PDF

Lacan’s Endgame: Philosophy, Science, and Religion in the Final Seminars

by Adrian Johnston PDF

Spectral Psychoanalysis: the Nabokov Effect

by Sigi Jöttkandt PDF

The Lust for Power and the Logic of Enjoyment

by Todd McGowan PDF

Untreatable: The Freudian Act and its Legacy

by Tracy McNulty PDF

Political Considerations About Lacan’s Later Work

by Jean-Claude Milner PDF

Lacanizing Marxism: the Effects of Lacan in Readings of Marx and Marxist Thinkers

by David Pavón Cuéllar PDF

Lacan’s Homeric Laughter

by Jean-Michel Rabaté PDF

The For-All: Grappling With the Real of the Group

by Jelica Šumič PDF

“The pandora’s Box Has Been Opened": Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Politics After 2017

by Gabriel Tupinambá PDF

Lacan’s Answer to Alienation: Separation

by Paul Verhaeghe PDF

Genie out of the bottle: Lacan and the Loneliness of Global Capitalism

by Fabio Vighi PDF

Ibi Rhodus Ibi Saltus: Theology, Hegel, Lacan

by Slavoj Žižek PDF

Interview with Alenka Zupančič: Philosophy or Psychoanalysis? Yes, Please!

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Notes on ContributorsPDF

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29 Nov

Crisis and Critique

50 Years After May 68

Volume 5, issue 2, 29-11-2018

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: 50 Years After May 68, Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

The Double Heritage of Communism to Come. 1917-1968-2018

by Bini Adamczak PDF

1968-2018, or from the "revolution impossible" to the impossibility of revolution? Variations on the objet petit s

by Eric Alliez PDF

Scattered Notes on “May 68” And its interpretations

by Étienne Balibar PDF

The procedure of its Invention, the Construction of its Form, the Means of its Transmission

by A. J. Bartlett PDF

Topicality of May 68

by Daniel Blanchard PDF

Will it Happen Again? Boredom, Anxiety and the Peak of Human Evolution

by Franco “bifo” Berardi PDF

To Make the Long March Short: A Short Commentary on the Two Long Marches that Have Failed Their Emancipatory Promises

by Boris Buden PDF

1968 and the Cahiers pour l'analyse. Internal debates in the philosophy of concept: epistemology, formalization and anti-psychologism

by Pascale Gillot PDF

Lacanian Subversion: Psychoanalysis for the Post-Humanity Era

by Rodrigo Gonsalves and Ivan Estêvão PDF

Global 1968 Reconstructed in the Short Century

by Wang Hui PDF

Storming Language

by Jean-Jacques Lecercle PDF

Making Subjection Visible: The Materialist Effects of 1968

by Warren Montag PDF

May 68': Spacing

by Jean-Luc Nancy PDF

One or Two Melancholias? 1917, 1968 and the Question of Organisation

by Rodrigo Nunes PDF

October 2 is Not Forgotten! The History, Collective Memory and Transgenerational Perseverance of Mexican ’68

by David Pavón-Cuéllar PDF

Re-politicizing 68

by Jacques Rancière PDF

May ’68 – A Past That Never Was and a Future That Has Already Been Missed

by Serene Richards PDF

The Long 1960s and ‘The Wind From the West’

by Kristin Ross PDF

May ’68 and its Subject (some Philosophical Archives of a Revolution)

by Guillaume Sibertin-Blanc PDF

Interview with Karl-Heinz Dellwo: 68 – Aborted Liberation

by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Notes on ContributorsPDF

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15 Mar

Crisis and Critique

Philosophy and Science

Volume 5, issue 1, 15-03-2018

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: Philosophy and Science, Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Rethinking a Philosophical Way of Demarcating Science from Politics

by Sina Badiei PDF

Notes on the Equivalence Between Ontology and Mathematics

by Burhanuddin Baki PDF

“To be and not to be – that is the answer”: Paraconsistency and Dialetheism According to G. Priest

by Emmanuel Barot PDF

Concrete-in-Thought, Concrete-in-Act: Marx, Materialism and the Exchange Abstraction

by Ray Brassier PDF

As Fire Burns: Philosophy, Slavery, Technology

by Justin Clemens PDF

Science without Philosophy: The Case of Big Data

by Jean-Pierre Dupuy PDF

Whither the Transcendental?: Hegel, Analytic Philosophy, and the Prospects of a Realist Transcendentalism Today

by Adrian Johnston PDF

The System that Destroys Itself, or Greenberg’s Modernism & the Liar’s Paradox

by Juliette Kennedy & Michael Maizels PDF

Science, Language, and the “Truth of the Subject:” Lacan and Wittgenstein

by Paul Livingston PDF

Science, Philosophy, Literature

by Pierre Macherey PDF

Mark and Lack: Formalism as Fidelity

by Reza Naderi PDF

Problems and Pseudo-Problems in Althusserian Science

by Knox Peden PDF

Marxism, Science and Technology

by Katarina Peović Vuković PDF

Psychoanalysis, Science, and Worldviews

by Ed Pluth PDF

On Science and Philosophy

by Hans-Jörg Rheinberger PDF

For Theoreticism: Theoretical Practice and Philosophical Unconscious

by Natalia Romé PDF

The mismeasure of thought: Some notes on organization, scale and experimentation in politics and science

by Gabriel Tupinambá PDF

From Cognitive Mappings to Sheaves

by Yuan Yao PDF

An Interview with Catherine Malabou: Toward epigenetic philosophy

by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Notes on ContributorsPDF

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07 Nov

Crisis and Critique

Bolshevik Revolution: One Hundred Years After

Volume 4, issue 2, 07-11-2017

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: Bolshevik Revolution – 100 Years After, Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

On the Russian October Revolution of 1917

by Alain Badiou PDF

October 1917 After One Century

by Étienne Balibar PDF

Back to Zimmerwald: Rethinking Internationalism

by Franco 'Bifo' Berardi PDF

From Berne to Yan’an: The Theoretical Breakthroughs of Lenin and Mao

by Roland Boer PDF

The Comrades of the Past: The Soviet Enlightenment Between Negation and Affirmation

by Maria Chehonadskih PDF

Lenin and the State of the Revolution

by Lorenzo Chiesa PDF

Desiring Alienation in Capitalism. Zeal to De-alienate in Socialism

by Keti Chukhrov PDF

The Subject of the Revolution

by Jodi Dean PDF

Tchevengour, the country of unreal communism - The October Revolution through the dialectical art of Andréï Platonov

by Isabelle Garo PDF

The Haunting of the October Revolution

by Jean-Jacques Lecercle PDF

Not Marx, Not Locke, But Hobbes: The Meaning of the Russian Revolution

by Lars T. Lih PDF

Introduction: Li Dazhdao and Bolshevism

by Claudia Pozzana PDF

The Victory of Bolshevism

by Li Dazhdao PDF

Wild times: From the 1917 Russian Revolution to the Revolution of our times

by Álvaro García Linera PDF

The Possibility of Revolution

by Christoph Menke PDF

Rereading October 1917

by Jean-Claude Milner PDF

The Legacies of the Russian Revolution: Power, Equality, Right

by Warren Montag PDF

Lenin and Electricity

by Jean-Luc Nancy PDF

Notes on the Critique of Revisionism: Lenin, Mao and Us

by Alessandro Russo PDF

A People’s Revolution: Democracy and Dictatorship in the Class Struggle

by Alan Shandro PDF

The Broken Music of the Revolution: Trotsky and Blok

by Alberto Toscano PDF

Interview with Slavoj Žižek: The Belated Actuality of Lenin

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Short interviews:
Kevin B. Anderson
Michael Hardt
Esther Leslie
Christoph Menke
Sophie Wahnich


Notes on Contributors PDF

Download the full edition PDF

01 Mar

Crisis and Critique

Hegel(‘s) Today

Volume 4, issue 1, 01-03-2017

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: Hegel(‘s) Today, by A.Hamza & F.Ruda PDF

Table of Contents

Hegel Political Theologian?

by Stefania Achella PDF

Hegel’s Master and Slave

by Alain Badiou PDF

The Future of Hegelian Metaphysics

by John W. Burbidge PDF

Hegel’s Big Event

by Andrew Cole PDF

Being and MacGuffin

by Mladen Dolar PDF

Hegel Amerindian: For a non-Identitarian Concept of Identification in Psychoanalysis

by Christian Ingo Lenz Dunker PDF

On Threat

by Andrew Haas PDF

Hegel and Picture-Thinking, or, an Episode in the History of Allegory

by Fredric Jameson PDF

Holding Lenin Together: Hegelianism and Dialectical Materialism—A Historical Excursus

by Adrian Johnston PDF

Normative Rationality: Hegelian Drive

by Jean-François Kervégan PDF

Substance Subjectivized

by Zdravko Kobe PDF

Hegel and the Present

by Pierre Macherey PDF

Learning to Love the End of History: Freedom Through Logic

by Todd McGowan PDF

The Germ of Death: Purposive Causality in Hegel

by Gregor Moder PDF

Ethical Form in the External State: Bourgeois, Citizens and Capital

by Terry Pinkard PDF

Hegel on Social Pathology: The Actuality of Unreason

by Robert B. Pippin PDF

The Absolute Plasticity of Hegel’s Absolutes

by Borna Radnik PDF

Hegel and the Possibility of a New Idealism

by Jure Simoniti PDF

Freedom and Universality: Hegel’s Republican Conception of Modernity

by Michael J. Thompson PDF

Freedom is Slavery

by Oxana Timofeeva PDF

The politics of Alienation and Separation: From Hegel to Marx... and Back

by Slavoj Žižek PDF

Hegel and Freud: Between Aufhebung and Verneinung

by Alenka Zupančič PDF

Interview with Fredric Jameson: Hegel, Ideology, Contradiction

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Notes on Contributors PDF

Download the full edition PDF

16 Nov

Crisis and Critique

Critique of Political Economy

Volume 3, issue 3, 16-11-2016

Edited by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza

Introduction by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

A Marxian Critique of Neoclassical Economics’ Reliance on Shadows of Capital’s Constitutive Social Forms

by Dennis Badeen & Patrick Murray PDF

Marx after Hegel: Capital as totality and the centrality of production

by Riccardo Bellofiore PDF

Capital: A Critical Theory?

by Jacques Bidet PDF

The Beast and the Universal: Hegel's Critique of Political Economy

by Ivan Boldyrev PDF

The "Capital " after the MEGA: Discontinuities, Interruptions and New Beginnings

by Michael Heinrich PDF

How to Read Capital in the Twenty-First Century

by Campbell Jones PDF

Capital as Spirit

by Kojin Karatani PDF

Creativity vs. Unskilled Labour: Kant on Class Struggle

by Ognian Kassabov PDF

How Not to Evaluate the Relevance of Marx’s Capital

by Andrew Kliman PDF

The Critique of Political Economy and the 'New Dialectic': Marx, Hegel and the Problem of Christopher J. Arthur's 'Homology Thesis'

by Elena Louisa Lange PDF

The Economic Catastrophe as a Passionate Event

by Frédéric Lordon PDF

Marx’s Destruction of the Inner World: from the Colonial Internalisation of the Psyche to the Critique of the Psychological Roots of Political Economy

by David Pavón Cuéllar PDF

Radicalizing the Root: The Return of Philosophical Anthropology to the Critique of Political Economy

by Jason Read PDF

Mapping the Abstract Essence of Concrete Existence: An Analysis of the Privative Form of Value, an Overdetermined Category

by Frank Smecker PDF

Journeying on the Roads Not Taken: The Possessive Individual, the Commons and Marx

by Massimiliano Tomba PDF

Economic crises, historical regression and social conflicts: an essay

by Raquel Varela and Valério Arcary PDF

Capitalist Bulimia: Lacan on Marx and crisis

by Fabio Vighi PDF

The ‘Ideal Total Capitalist’: On the State-Form in the Critique of Political Economy

by Gavin Walker PDF

Phenomenology of Value: Badiou and Marx

by Yuan Yao PDF

Can One Exit from The Capitalist Discourse Without Becoming a Saint?

by Slavoj Žižek PDF

Interview with Moishe Postone: That Capital has limits does not mean that it will collapse

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Notes on Contributors PDF

Download the full edition PDF

05 Sep

Crisis and Critique
Special issue

Politics and Melancholia

Volume 3, issue 2, 05-09-2016

Edited by Justin Clemens & Dominiek Hoens

Politics and Melancholia:Introduction by Justin Clemens & Dominiek Hoens PDF

Table of Contents

Melancholia and Destruction: Brushing Walter Benjamin’s “Angel of History” Against the Grain

by Sami Khatib PDF

Hypochondria and Its Discontents, or, the Geriatric Sublime

by Rebecca Comay PDF

Controlled Melancholy: How to Purely Love Political Power

by Marc De Kesel PDF

The King is Tired. A Few Notes About Politics, Theatre and Melancholy

by Karel Vanhaesebrouck PDF

Small Anatomy of Political Melancholy

by Lieven De Cauter PDF

The Failed Politician Melancholia, Crisis and Political Agency

by Klaas Tindemans PDF

Notes on a Deleuzean Theory of Melancholia: Object, Cinema, World

by Jon Roffe PDF

Black Bile/Pale Fire: Benjaminian Allegory and Nabokovian Melancholy

by Sigi Jöttkandt PDF

Melancholegalism: Black Letter Theory and the Temporality of Law

by Peter Goodrich PDF

The Happy Melancholic

by Alexi Kukuljevic PDF

Download the full edition PDF

29 March

Crisis and Critique

Stalin: what does the name stand for?

Volume 3, issue 1, 29-03-2016

Edited by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza

Introduction, by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Who is Stalin, What is he?

by Lars T. Lih PDF

Stalin and Hitler: Twin Brothers or Mortal Enemies?

by Domenico Losurdo PDF

A Thought on Stalin Beginning From Lenin

by Judith Balso PDF

The Prince and the Revolutionary

by Jean-Claude Milner PDF

Reflections on the Meaning of Stalinism

by Paul LeBlanc PDF

A Materialist Doctrine of Good and Evil: Stalin’s Revision of Marxist Anthropology

by Roland Boer PDF

Comrade Hegel: Absolute Spirit Goes East

by Evgeny V. Pavlov PDF

Staline selon Varlam Chalamov

by Cécile Winter PDF

Egalitarian Inventions and Political Symptoms: A Reassessment of Mao’s Statements on the “Probable Defeat”

by Alessandro Russo PDF

Sovereignty and Deviation: Notes on Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason Vol 2

by Alberto Toscano PDF

Stalin Beyond Stalin: A Paradoxical Hypothesis of Communism by Alexandre Kojève and Boris Groys

by Alexei Penzin PDF

Tracing Radical Subjectivity contra Stalinism, and Why This Takes Us to Fanon

by Saroj Giri PDF

Cromwell, Robespierre, Stalin (and Lenin?): Must Revolution Always Mean Catastrophe?

by Bill Bowring PDF

“No, it is not true!”: Stalin and the Question of Materialist Science of Language

by Samo Tomšič PDF

A Left-Wing Historical Revisionism: Studying the Conflicts of the Twentieth Century After the Crisis of Anti-Fascist Paradigm

by Stefano G. Azzarà PDF

On the Organisation of Defeats

by Agon Hamza & Gabriel Tupinambá PDF

Marxism-Leninism Teaches that the People are the Creators of History

by Enver Hoxha PDF

Notes on Contributors PDF

Download the full edition PDF

23 Nov

Crisis and Critique

Reading Capital and For Marx: 50 years later

Volume 2, issue 2, 23-11-2015

Edited by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza

Introduction, by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Althusser and “Communism”

by Étienne Balibar PDF

Althusser’s Best Tricks

by Robert Pfaller PDF

Celebrating Althusser’s Legacy

by Fernanda Navarro PDF

The Interpellated Subject: Beyond Althusser and Butler

by Jacques Bidet PDF

The Concept of Structural Causality in Althusser

by Vittorio Morfino PDF

What Colour is Theoreticism? Faust Reading Althusser

by Natalia Romé PDF

On Althusser on Science, Ideology, and the New, or Why We Should Continue to Read Reading Capital

by Geoff Pfeifer PDF

Is There Less Bullshit in For Marx than in Reading Capital?

by William Lewis PDF

Althusserianism and Value-form Theory: Rancière, Althusser and the Question of Fetishism

by Panagiotis Sotiris PDF

Althusser and the Problem of Historical Individuality

by Ted Stolze PDF

Humanity, That Sickness: Louis Althusser and The Helplessness of Psychoanalysis

by Adrian Johnston PDF

Fidelity that is not Interpellation: Reading Althusser’s Misreadings

by Agon Hamza PDF

On Althusser

by Roger Establet PDF

Interview with Pierre Macherey

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Note to Contributors PDF

Download the full edition PDF

09 Feb

Crisis and Critique

Politics and Theology Today

Volume 2, issue 1, 2015-02-09

Edited by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza

Introduction, by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

1)Some Thoughts on the Divine Ex-istence

by Slavoj Žižek PDF

Confucius and Chairman Mao: Towards a Study of Religion and Chinese Marxism

by Roland Boer PDF

Psychoanalysis, Religion, Love

by Lorenzo Chiesa PDF

What is Left to Imagine: The Privation of the Absolute

by Felix Ensslin PDF

A prolegomena to an Emancipatory Reading of Islam

by Sead Zimeri PDF

What Christians need no longer defend: The political stakes of considering antinomianism
as central to the practice and history of theology

by Colby Dickinson PDF

Revisiting a Marxist Encounter with Spinoza:
Alexandre Matheron on Militant Reason and The Intellectual Love of God

by Ted Stolze PDF

Political Theology and Comedy: Žižek through Rose Tinted Glasses

by Marcus Pound PDF

The Comedy of the Great Depression: On Chaplin’s Modern Times

by Simon Hajdini PDF

Hegelian Christology: From Kojève to Žižek

by Gabriel Tupinambá PDF

Fichte in Reverse: From Onto-theology to Materialist Ontology

by Lidija Šumah PDF

The Problem of Evil and the Problem of Legitimacy: On the Roots Future of Political Theology

by Adam Kotsko PDF

Mysticism as Radical Political Action

by Catherine Tomas PDF

Spirit and Utopia: (German) Idealism as Political Theology

by Kirill Chepurin PDF

Romanticism, Marxism and Religion in the “Principle of Hope” of Ernst Bloch

by Michael Löwy PDF

Review Articles PDF

J.Read: Initiation a la philosophie pour les non-philosophes, by Louis Althusser PDF

Note to Contributors PDF

Download the full edition PDF

30 July

Crisis and Critique, n.3


Volume 1, Issue 3, 2014

Edited by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza

Introduction, by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Answer’s to Today’s Crisis: A Leninist View

Slavoj Žižek PDF

What Does Theory Become? The Humanities, Politics, and Philosophy (1970-2010):
Reflections and Propositions

Étienne Balibar PDF

Contemporary Thought and the Crisis of Negation

Jelica Šumič PDF

How do we recognize strong critique?

Paul Livingston PDF

The Ideology of Life and the Necessity of its Critique

Jan Völker PDF

The function of philosophy and the crisis of Marxism

Agon Hamza PDF

How to Act As If One Were Not Free: A Contemporary Defense of Fatalism

Frank Ruda PDF

The Barriers to a Critical Comedy

Todd McGowan PDF

Capitalism and Repetition: Marx and Lacan

Simon Hajdini PDF

The Idea of the Passe: Critique and Construction in Psychoanalytic Thinking

Gabriel Tupinambá PDF

The Singular Invariant: On the dialectic which is not in Alain Badiou,

A. J. Bartlett PDF

Freeing Althusser from Spinoza:

A Reconsideration of Structural Causality

Ed Pluth PDF

Hegel or Spinoza: Substance, Subject, and Critical Marxism

Ted Stolze PDF

Where to Start?: Robert Pippin, Slavoj Žižek, and the True Beginning(s) of Hegel’s System

Adrian Johnston PDF

Review Articles

P.Sotiris: Althusser and His Contemporaries, by Warren Montag PDF

I.Boldyrev: The Privatisation of Hope: Ernst Bloch and the Future of Utopia, ed. by P.Thompson

and S.Žižek PDF

Note to Contributors PDF

Download the full edition PDF

14 June


Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014

Edited by Acheronta Movebo


Sina Badiei

Alain Badiou

Raúl Cerdeiras

Christian Ingo Lenz Dunker

Kenneth LaFave

Paul Livingston

Martin López

Frank Ruda

Gabriel Tupinambá

Table of Contents

Editorial note PDF


Towards a New Thinking of the Absolute PDF

Politics, Subjectivity and Cosmological Antinomy:

Kant, Badiou and Žižek PDF

Discontent, Suffering and Symptom: Reading Lacanian Diagnostics through Amerindian Perspectivism PDF

Psychoanalysis as Labor: an impossible profession and the Marxist conception of labor PDF

The 21st Century Dawns with a Chance PDF

Entlassen. Remarks on Hegel, Sacrifice and Liberation PDF

Real Abstraction and the Autonomization of Value PDF


Serialism as Simulacrum PDF

What is missing/ What is coming PDF

The Analysis and the Presentation of Marc Lachièze-Rey’s ‘Traveling in the Time: The modern physics
and the temporality’ PDF


14 June


Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014

Edited by Henrik Jøker Bjerre & Agon Hamza

Table of Contents

Editorial note PDF
H.J.Bjerre & A.Hamza

The Impasses of Today’s Radical Politics

Slavoj Žižek PDF

Socialist Democracy with Chinese Characteristics

Roland Boer PDF

The Indignant of the Earth

Frank Ruda PDF

Democracy and revolution on the Internet

Katarina Peović Vuković PDF

Alain Badiou and the aporia of democracy within generic communism

Panagiotis Sotiris PDF

Climate Crisis, Ideology, and Collective Action

Ted StolzePDF

Lacan and Rational Choice

Yuan YaoPDF

Redemptive Revolutions: The Political Hermeneutics of Walter Benjamin

Nicolai Krejberg KnudsenPDF

The Necessity of Philosophy

Srdjan Cvjetičanin PDF

What is a Party a part of?

Gabriel TupinambáPDF

Communism is Wrong

Jana TsonevaPDF

The Jews and the Zionists; The Story of a Reversal

Sina BadieiPDF


Prolegomena to Any Future Materialism, by Adrian Johnston

by H.J.Bjerre PDF

From Myth to Symptom: the case of Kosovo, by S. Žižek & A.Hamza

by C.Crockett PDF

Enjoying What We Don’t Have: The Political Project of Psychoanalysis, by Todd McGowan

by D.Tutt PDF

Badiou and the Philosophers, ed.T.Tho & G.Bianco

by A.Ryder PDF

Notes on Contributors PDF